Tips for Indoor Dog Training

Indoor Dog Training Tips

Luckily, most indoor dogs can be housetrained fairly easily, especially if you start early with the new tools available for dogs requiring indoor "facilities." Indoor training requires the same rigid adherence to a schedule as outdoor training; the only difference is that you will be placing your pet on training pads or newspaper instead of taking her outdoors.For a growing number of urban pet owners, having a backyard or park to take their dog out to is a convenience they've had to sacrifice to live in the city. If you live on the 20th floor of an apartment in downtown New York, indoor housetraining - teaching your pet to use papers or a litter box - may be your only option. It also may be the best option if you are advanced in age, handicapped, or work very long hours.

First, select a corner away from your pet's eating and sleeping area that will be easy to clean up in case her aim is a little off. The location should always remain the same. At first, cover a larger area than is actually needed - about 3-4 square feet - with training pads. You can reduce the area as training progresses. Take your puppy there after each meal or drink of water, after each nap and exercise time, whenever she looks agitated or starts sniffing the floor, or circling, and always before bed.

Use verbal commands (like "do your business") and praise enthusiastically when she eliminates in her area. If you catch her voiding out of her corner, pick her up and take her back there. Correct with a firm voice - never a hand - and don't rub her nose in it. With positive reinforcement and a strict schedule, she will soon be walking to her area on her own.

Owners that attempt indoor housetraining should be aware of some potential problems. It will take longer than outdoor training. Some dogs will resist and may not be able to be trained to go indoors. And once a dog learns to go indoors, it can be difficult to train them to go outdoors in the future.


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