About us

When I was about to adopt my first puppy, I faced a lot of setbacks. Pet restrictions in my apartment building and being able to get a pedigree pup were some of the issues I had to face. I also heard a lot about the increased level of responsibility that comes with owning a pup, training it, and looking after its needs. But after going through a great bunch of resources online and talking with a few friends and family members, I finally decided to take the plunge – it was love at first sight.

Since that day, I decided to work towards improving the human-dog relationship and building a community that supported the idea of “No one is orphan until there is a dog in this world”. In short, I wanted to share the happy moments I experienced with my pup with people around me, and help spread joy in the lives of both pet owners and dogs.

Dear Puppies is my brand built on the principles of unity, understanding, and love between dogs and people; and I work hard to promote these concepts wherever I go. At Dear Puppies you can find a great selection of tee shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and hats/beanies in unisex, women’s, and youth sizes to show your love for the canine family!

We encourage you to contact us via our contact form or email with any questions, comments or recommendations. We thank you and truly appreciate your patronage.